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R.L. Stevenson College and Career Preparatory

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Non Payment of Rent/Falta de pago de vivivienda(renta)
    Health Alert

    The public health crisis created by the coronavirus is not something any of us could reasonably have expected to happen, and we’re in uncharted waters as we work to prevent the spread of the illness. Effective Monday, March 16, we will close all Los Angeles Unified public schools for two weeks while we evaluate the appropriate path forward. While our school facilities will be closed, plans are in place for students to continue to learn during this time, and we will open 40 family resource centers to provide care for children if families need it. 

    Each student will have a plan which they will take home with them today and additional support will be provided to assist students as they transition to a different way of learning and teachers to a different way of teaching.

    We will continue to do our best to keep you informed. Facts and circumstances may change quickly so we encourage you to check our website

    Parent Resource Letter

    STaying Healthy

    Welcome to Stevenson

    Robert Louis Stevenson College and Career Preparatory has been in existence for over 92 years educating young scholars who have been involved in transforming their lives and community. The district recently approved our name change as we focus our efforts in aligning our beliefs and mission. Our mission is to prepare our students to be college and career ready. The staff, students, parents are committed in providing a safe and nurturing environment that enables a focus on academic achievement. Our alumni continue to pursue their dreams by attending universities like Brown, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cal State Fullerton, ELAC, and other universities and trade schools. We believe in providing students and parents the foundation to choose the right path for their education and in life. Stevenson is interested in providing options for students with our special programs and two magnets (Leadership and Technology and Gifted/High Achieving). In 2019-2020, the school will be offering the Dual Language program to enhance our educational programs. Once a Pirate, always a Pirate.

    Winter concert 2019

    Mr. Medina's band classes showcasing their talents

    The Sullivan's are ready for the Winter Concert